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J. Gary Dropcho is a professional disc golf course designer, promoter and player active in the sport since 1980. He has solo-designed 9 courses and lead the design on 11 others, including the four courses used in the 2015 PDGA Pro Disc Golf World Championships.

J. Gary founded and directed disc golf tournaments and events at the scholastic, collegiate and highest professional levels, and continues to be a leader in local, regional and national disc golf organizations.

Dropcho has over 50 Professional Disc Golf Association titles, including the first PDGA Amateur National Championship in 1989.  He was elected to the Pennsylvania Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 2013 and The World Disc Golf Hall of Fame in 2015. He lives and plays disc golf in Wexford, PA.

Grip It and Rip It Disc Golf LLC was formed in 2014 to provide professional disc golf course design, event management and instruction services. Fully insured and real-world proven, Grip It and Rip It Disc Golf is prepared to help you accomplish your next disc golf project.

We collaborate with other designers and disc golf organizations.

“I have worked with J. Gary and Grip It and Rip It in a partnership to maintain and improve the Lakeview Disc Golf Course at Moraine State Park, including preparations for the 2015 Pro Disc Golf World Championships.   J. Gary understands the dynamics of partnerships, the value of recreation and the importance of planning and designing to a sustainable standard.  J. Gary stands out as one the most professional and dependable partners that I have had the pleasure of working with.” — Dustin Drew, Park Manager Moraine | McConnells Mill State Parks

Photo by Jerry Gotcher

Thanks to Dan Hornberger for the chance to tell my frisbee story on his podcast “Breaking Chains.” Part 1 of interview Part 2 of interview

I am fortunate to play disc golf.

Disc Golf has allowed me to teach new players the joy of throwing a flying disc with accuracy and power, and the game has given me the opportunity to create courses on which people pick up a lifetime sport and on which others may test their skills.

I am grateful to disc golf for the chance to improve my own strength and expertise as a player, and I strive to give my best to the sport because I understand that disc golf is a game that I am fortunate to have fun playing. —J. Gary Dropcho

Disc Golf History Exhibit debut at Western Pennsylvania Sports Museum in 2015.

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