We love teaching people the joy of throwing a disc with power and accuracy, and strive to give our best to the sport of disc golf because we understand that disc golf is a game, and we know we are fortunate to have fun playing it.

J. Gary Dropcho was a National Board-certified teacher with a 25-year career as a public high school English teacher. During that career, his avocation was teaching students the ethics and strategies of fair disc golf play, how to propose and execute a project to create a 9-hole disc golf course at a neighborhood park, as well as how to throw a frisbee farther and more accurately. Now, he can teach you how to get more from your game with a personal instruction plan for:

  • Players who want to score better during casual rounds and in sanctioned competitions;
  • Kids who want to learn a new way to play;
  • Retirees who want a social way to exercise and maintain physical activity;
  • Anyone who wants to learn to have more fun on the course.


Young disc golfers learn to play the right way

A personal instruction plan can be tailored to a player’s goals and include sessions on:

  • Strength and flexibility for disc golf;
  • Mechanics and positive self-talk for putting the disc in the basket;
  • Understanding and using the physics of discs and their flight;
  • Increasing the accuracy of approach shots and distance of drives;
  • Managing the disc golf course.
  • Strategies for competitive play at leagues, regional competitions, and major tournaments.


Video by Brian Keegan and Disc Golf Examiner

Video by Brian Keegan and Disc Golf Examiner

Video by Brian Keegan and Disc Golf Examiner

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